Blinded-A story of betrayal.


Chapter 2

“My husband! Why are you against the prayer people coming to our aid? It is for our good. You have been kicking against me going to church or bringing a Pastor, since I got married to you.”

“Woman. If you don’t stop bothering me about this silly thing, I would leave this food for you. Since I can’t have peace in my house anymore,” he said angrily.

I couldn’t believe all I was hearing. What does this even mean? Why is he against the church and is not even ready to accept them in his house. What do I do now? I got up from the seat and went straight into my room. I fell to the ground crying. And I slept off.
The next day, I got up at 6 o’clock and didn’t see my husband in bed with me. I checked for him everywhere and still couldn’t find him. I picked up my phone to call him, while I was walking around the living room. I looked towards the window and saw a figure. I walked closer and saw him lying down on the couch.
He didn’t even notice my presence, even with his eyes wide open and his hands crossed over his chest.
I called out to him.

“My husband. My husband. My husband. Jacob.”

He jumped up like he had just seen a ghost.

“Ajoke. How long have you been standing there?” he asked fidgeting.

I wondered why he would act so suspiciously. But I waved it off immediately the thought came into my head.

“Good morning my husband. Did you sleep here last night? Didn’t you sleep in our bedroom?”

“Woman. It’s too early for your questions. I have to prepare for work,” he said avoiding eye contact.

“I’m sorry. Ehen! I forgot to tell you yesterday- my mother is coming to Lagos today,” I said, playing with the rope on my night gown.

“Why if I may ask?” He asked with a frown on his face.

Why is he behaving strangely? I asked myself.

“Well, she’s coming to see her unhappy daughter. What else?” I replied.

“Okay! Greet her for me. I won’t be coming home tonight- I have a late meeting at the office.” And he walked away.

Later in the day. Maami called that she was at the park and would want me to come pick her up.

I got ready to go to the park.

It was a silent ride back home. Once we got home, I went into the kitchen to prepare her food. I brought it out to the table and was about walking away when she pulled me by my hand and asked me to sit. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I broke down in tears.

“My daughter! What is going on? You can talk to me now, I am here for you.” Maami pleaded.

“Maami!” I said sulking. “Would I ever have children of my own? Why am I fruitless? My mates all have three or four kids now.”

“Keep quiet, Ajoke! Why would you wish yourself such? You are my daughter and you can’t be barren. I would take you back with me- you need to meet Baba.”
I jumped out of my seat in shock- hearing what my mother said.

“Maami. Has it gotten to this? I can’t go that far,” I protested.

“I am your mother and you will do what I have said,” she commanded.

To be continued.

By Paula Nanya.

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