Blinded- A story of betrayal.


Chapter 1

Luck, they say, is an opportunity for good things, I was beginning to believe that fact. But then, my good luck turned around to mock me in the face. I was so lucky to get a man so wealthy and generous at my young age. I was the envy of my peers. But how am I living my life now? Barren. A childless woman. A disgrace to my kind and my husband.

Jacob is a very nice man and very supportive. If not that having children is a woman’s pride, with the way he has being so understanding, I would probably not even bother about them. But I can’t forget about it because it would be a shame.
Who do I talk to about my condition? I have gone to places but no solution. Doctors say I am fertile, but still no child for six years. I am tired of this life.

I think I should call my friend? Or no! Let me call my mom. I quickly picked up my phone, as the thought came to my mind.

“Hello Maami. I need you. When can you come to Lagos?” I asked without waiting for her response.

“My daughter! What is wrong again? How are you?”

I could hear the worry in her voice. I felt so bad, that I had to stress her so much but I can’t keep silent anymore.

“Ajoke! Omo mi! Kilode? Talk to me, I am your mother.”

Maami. I am in trouble and I need you here.”

“What is really happening now? Did Jacob do something wrong? Don’t make an old woman think too much.”

“Maami. It is not about him. I just really need to speak to you, I need help urgently to save my marriage.”

“Okay. I will be with you tomorrow. So gbo?”

“Yes Maami. I will be expecting you.”

I quickly ended the call and wiped my tears, as I heard footsteps coming towards my direction. I waited patiently to know who it is. Then I heard his voice.

“Ajoke! Ajoke!! Ajoke!!! Where is this woman now?”

“My husband! I am in the kitchen. I will be with you soon.”

I had to finish making lunch, as that was the only thing I could give him who is working so hard to give me a good life.

Few minutes later, I came out of the kitchen with a tray of food. Greeted him and asked about his day. He was looking very happy and satisfied but I can’t say the same about myself. I was an unhappy 26 years old childless woman, filled with bitterness in her heart. I think I need to invite the pastor my friend, Didi told me about. I need prayers before I go insane. But I need to discuss it with my husband first.

I suddenly jerked as I heard my name. I never knew how deep in thoughts I was.

“Ajoke? What are you thinking about now?” My husband inquired.

“My husband. I am so sorry. I didn’t know I was in outer space space. I want us to talk about something.”

“Yes! What is it?”

“I am thinking it is time to invite a pastor, concerning our childlessness.”

“A pastor! In whose house?! Hell no!”

To be continued.

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