Spirals- 26


Episode Twenty-Six (Final Episode)

“I can’t believe it, even after hearing it from your mouth,”Kunle said. He stopped by Juliet’s side, staring down at her. She had jumped to her feet, looking from me to Kunle.

“You still come to see her after I warned you not to?”

“Stop changing the subject,”Kunle snapped. The officer that had brought me to Juliet walked in hastily and was surprised when he saw Kunle.

“You, what are you doing here?” he asked, trying to be stern but was looking scared instead.

“How is it that you leave the station empty? Very incompetent, but thank God you did.” Kunle said before turning to face Juliet.

Kunle did not let Juliet know he had recorded her confession. He pulled her away and I went back to my cell, but I was happy. My mother’s prayers had not been in vain. Everything worked like a dream. Kunle had given the lawyer the recording and called off the wedding with Juliet. She was still smug about the whole thing because to her, if we report her confession, it was our word against hers. She was confident that she would use the card that Kunle and I were secret lovers that was why he was on my side.

But of course, it was more than that. She was arrested and I released, several days later. The lawyer handled everything. My mom was overjoyed. She couldn’t thank Kunle enough.

Juliet was charged for manslaughter and got ten years, and that was even due to her family’s influence. She would have gotten more. I went to see her before the judgement was passed. She had cried her eyes out. I had forgiven her. I really did like her and I really did value our friendship. I didn’t like that she was in prison but someone had died and she had covered it up and pinned it on someone else. She had to face the law.

Kunle and I became friends like a house on fire. He would come to visit me at the house. My mother was smitten by him. His charm and his respectful nature won her heart easily and she had talked to me about settling down with him.

“Mom, he has not even asked. Why is your blood hot?” I asked playfully. I was beginning to lighten up and smile more. It was all Kunle.

“What is he waiting for? God’s personal signature from heaven?” my mom had asked. We had laughed at that.

So, when Kunle had come to the house, the ruby pendant gift I had rejected earlier in his hand and him on one knee and had popped the question, my mom was elated.

I smiled down at him, my mom cheering at the corner. I replied, “Of course, I do. “

The end.
(Written by: Funmi Jesse 2019)

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