Spirals- 25


Episode Twenty-Five

I never take for granted my mother’s prayers. The tears in her eyes, the heaviness in her voice and the way she would pat me, in reassurance to herself more than to me. I always see this gestures as from coming from deep within her soul and I know that God would not neglect her heart cries because her faith alone was more than enough for two people. Those gestures she had been doing everyday when she came to see me but that morning, I had felt it differently. And hours later, Juliet came.

As I was taken to go and see my visitor, my mom’s prayer was ringing in my ears.

“Ifeoluwa, you will not die.”

The shock I had seeing Juliet waiting for me made me stop dead in my tracks. She wore a navy blue-coloured flower prints jumpsuit with long sleeves on black flats. Her hair was a smooth thirty six inches, straight weave which tumbled playfully with every little movement on her big bum. She was looking beautiful even from the back.

I resumed my walk towards her when the officer pulled me. She turned around when she heard us coming, her face squeezed in anger.

“Madam, no take time o,” the officer said to Juliet.

“Of course. Just give us privacy,” she replied.

I was surprised when the officer left us completely, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth as he left.

Juliet and I sat staring at ourselves for a long time. Then she smiled suddenly.

“I underestimated you,” she said. “You weren’t after my money, probably, but you were after something else.”

I was confused but I kept a straight face. She continued.

“I knew something was off about you. Always quiet and secretive, not talking about yourself or anything. Not having friends at all. I was stupid to like you so much. It’s just that you were such a good listener.”

I kept on wondering where all this talk was heading to.

“Who sent you to me?”

“What?” I asked, stunned.

“You heard me,” she said, leaning forward. “I’m a wealthy woman, with a perfect life that people keep trying to ruin in the name of friendships.”

“The only thing I did wrong was help you get your stolen purse back,” I said, my voice raising.

“No, the thing you did wrong was hitting on my man!”

I sucked in air at that.

“You thought I didn’t know? You thought I didn’t see the way you looked at him from the beginning? You think I am stupid?”

I said nothing. This explains why she has been upset with me all along.

“The thing I did wrong was not reading too much meaning to it all. Kunle is hot, any woman with blood running through her veins would stare. That’s what gave me pride. That I was going to be the wife of someone so perfect. In everything. But no. You got him to fall for you.”

My eyes widened the more. This was so bad. She knew everything.

“Don’t look so surprised,” she said, eyeing me in disgust. “I had heard him confess to you at the party. That was the last straw. It felt good pinning sweet’s accident on you.”

I saw her eyes widen with the realization that she had said too much in anger. I looked at her struggle with keeping the fright from her face. She began to stutter.

“Sweet’s? Accident?” I asked. They had been fond of each other and this was a confirmation. Probably Mark was about calling her “babe” or “baby” before he stopped himself. But anger had not let Juliet stop hers before it spilled.

“I mean-” she began.

“I know what you meant, Juliet, “I said cutting her off. “Were you seeing Mark?”

The question threw her off balance and I saw the truth on her face that split second before she covered it up.

“That’s nonsense.”

“You just called him sweet. And how did you know it’s an accident and not deliberate killing?” I asked, my face still expressionless.

“That’s a slip of the tongue. We all know you killed him because he was trying to hit on you.”

A light bulb went on in my head. I was seeing things clearly just looking her face now.

“Juliet. did you accidentally kill Mark? You were jealous that he was hitting on me because you were both dating secretly. Then coupled with the fact that you knew I was having feelings for Kunle. You both probably had an argument and you mistakingly killed him in the process, dragged his body to the toilet and pinned his death on me because you overheard Kunle confess his feelings?”

Her expression said it all. I was 100% correct.

“Mark was better in bed, “she said suddenly in defense. “He was a sweetheart but seemed to always be coming at you. He had said he was just trying to be friends with you since you were my friend but I didn’t buy that explanation. I left the party to pick up my card to give someone and as I was coming out, I overheard him arguing with you. After you left, I approached him and asked him to stop hitting on you. Wasn’t I enough for him? Yes, we argued. It was an accident. I hit him, he fell and hit his head on wooden table in the room we had hid in to talk. He wasn’t waking up and blood was everywhere. I quickly pulled him to the toilet nearby since people would ask what he was doing in the room that only I had access to. Then I used my dress to clean up and had to change. I looked for Kunle so that his smile and touch could calm me down only to overhear him say he had feelings for you. It was just so annoying and irritating!”

“So, you were cheating on me with my best friend?” Kunle said from the entrance. He had been standing there since but I had given him sign to remain where he was. He had taken his phone out and began recording from the time Juliet made the mistake of calling Mark “sweet”.

Juliet spun around at the sound of his voice and I smiled.

“Wh… What are… are you… “she stammered.

To be continued…

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