Spirals- 24


Episode Twenty-Four

As the days passed, I couldn’t get my mind off the thought but I still couldn’t figure out why Juliet would know something about it and pin it on me. Why not let the perpetrator get justice? Why let an innocent person pay for another’s crime? The only answer I could get to these questions was that she was the killer but that was beyond paranoid of me. She really liked Mark. It was as clear as day the fondness she had for him. Why would she kill him? What would she gain from doing so? So, I dropped that thought as it wasn’t possible.

Kunle kept on visiting, without Juliet. He got me a lawyer too but luck wasn’t really on our side. I was the only one accused and there was no one else in the picture. Apparently, Mark had been a great guy: the live of the party, the charming gentleman and cool headed business man. He turned out not to be the kind of guy anyone would want to kill.

It was strange. I knew he was a rapist. The things I was hearing about him seemed foreign and distant. He probably put up a really good front but deep down, he was disgusting. Kunle had tried telling me that my rape may have been one silly mistake out of drunkenness but I didn’t buy it.

“A silly mistake is raping someone once, not repeatedly till everything died within the person,” I had told him. He had nothing to say to that. My belief was that someone Mark offended caused his death, and that person was in the party. The person was most likely hiding it.

I didn’t share my suspicions about Juliet knowing something about the death to Kunle or the lawyer. I kept that to myself. I instead asked after her well-being. The wedding was postponed due to the tragic incident and according to Kunle, she wasn’t happy about it.

“Why won’t she come see me,” I asked one day.

Kunle sighed heavily and ran his hand over his face in exasperation. “She gets angry anytime I mention your name,” he said. “The last argument we had was about it and I have decided not to bring up again.” There was a short pause before he asked, “I am not sure of anything but isn’t it rather strange her attitude? She was all over you at the party and just drastically changed after finding Mark dead. I don’t get it.”

“Me neither,” I said.

Mark was buried two weeks after his death and Kunle and Juliet’s wedding was set two weeks after it. I was surprised to see Juliet a week to the wedding. She had come to see me in prison, alone.

To be continued…

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