Spirals 20


Episode Twenty

Mark’s neck was at a weird angle. It was shocking. I had left him standing there and now he was dead. I thought I would be happy seeing him dead. It’s all I have ever thought about since he did what he did to me all those years ago, but seeing his body against the wall close to the toilet, his head hanging like it was broken, I felt sick.

“Oh my God,” Juliet exclaimed, covering her mouth. “Mark!”

“What could have happened?” a plump woman in a blue skirt suit. Kunle was on his knees beside Mark’s body, his eyes so wide I thought they would pop out. He seemed very distressed.

“His neck is broken,” Kunle announced in a low voice.

“Did someone break his neck? Who could have done this?” Juliet asked, looking petrified. “Who could have done this to Mark?”

Everyone looked at her strangely. I didn’t think someone could have done this to Mark. He is a huge man, and there is no sign of a struggle. His suit was still smooth, just a bit wrinkled around the collar, like it was held and dragged.

I noticed Kunle was observing the wrinkles too but he said nothing. The woman in blue looked devastated.

“Let’s call a doctor or something, ” a man suggested.

“He’s already dead,” another replied. “What’s the doctor going to do again?”

“Let’s get the people away,” Juliet’s aunt said. She had been standing very still few paces away from the scene.

“No,” Juliet said suddenly. “The culprit may escape. We have to question everyone.”

“Who had found him?” Kunle asked standing to his feet.

“It was me,” Juliet’s cousin who had been in the kitchen replied. She was standing close to the woman in blue, holding unto herself. She looked very shaken.

“I came to use the toilet. I opened the door and found him sprawled at the corner.”

“Then how did he get outside?” Kunle asked.

“I was the one who pulled him out,” the first man said. “We couldn’t leave him in there.”

“Could he have fallen when using the bathroom?” the woman in blue asked.

We all turned to look at the body. There was fried blood at the corners of his mouth, which ran down to his neck.

“There’s a smudge around the base of his jaw,” Kunle pointed out. True to his words, there was. “It looks like someone’s hand rubbed on it. Did anyone touch his blood?”

“The blood was dried when we saw him, ” the first man said. “Why would I want to touch his blood?”

“It’s obvious it’s someone who was with him when this happened,” Juliet said.

“Did you do it?” a lady in long, black dress asked from the door. We all turned to her. She was looking directly at me.

“What?” I asked in shock.

Juliet was looking at me with an expression I couldn’t quite pin down.

“I saw the two of you argue, ” the lady continued, looking at me questionably. “It seemed very heated. I was coming to use the bathroom to fix my makeup. Before I turned the corner I heard you warn him not to come close to you again. That he would regret it. I couldn’t hear anything more because my friend, Amaka called me to show me something.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on me.

“Gift,” Juliet said. “You have been acting weird with Mark. It’s so obvious you hated him for some reason. Did you…?”

She let the question drag and the look on everyone’s face had the same question. They all think I killed Mark.

To be continued…

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