Spirals 17


Episode Seventeen
What was that smile all about? And why did he not stop stealing glances towards me? I stood there, wine glasses in both my hands, as I watched with the rest of the guests as Kunle and Juliet danced. Cameras were flashing and almost everyone was lifting phones to capture the moment.

Yet, Kunle kept on glancing at me as he moved with Juliet in his arms. My heart fluttered involuntarily and I frowned. The frown deepened when Mark thought it wise to come close to me and whisper in my ear.

The reflex repulsing movement made the full cup of wine pour down on my gown.

“What is your problem?” I glared at him. I was so angry that fire could have been spitting from my ears. I noticed a few people were looking at me as I made my way to the convenience. I marched past several whispering folks and took a left to a narrow corridor. The toilet was a few doors down and as I got to the door, I almost yanked the handle off in my anger.

Why couldn’t that piece of garbage leave me alone? I was itching to just stab him over and over until he bled and died. Such a human did not deserve to live. I kept on swearing at him as i tried to clean off most of the spill. Good thing it was a black dress, if not it would have been a serious mess.

I looked up at the mirror and saw that I had been crying. My eyes were slightly red, my face wet. Whatever the makeup artist used prevented the whole thing from washing down with the tears. I sighed at my reflection and used tissue to damp the wetness off.

As I stepped out of the toilet, Mark was standing there, waiting for me.

“What is your problem with me?” he asked irritated. “Have you never been approached by a guy before?”

My face felt so hot I bet a thermometer would read a hundred degrees against it.

“It’s not that you are even that fine, sef,” he continued. “I just wanted to be cool with you since you are b-” He stopped himself, then cleared his throat. “Since you are Juliet’s friend.”

“In your life, don’t come close to me,” I said between clenched teeth. “The next time you try it…” I let it drag then proceeded to march away. He caught me by the arm and with my free hand, I released a huge slap on his face. He took a step backwards, completely taken aback.

“I am warning you for the very last time,” I said, then walked away.

To be continued…


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