Spirals 14


Episode Fourteen
“Do you like it?” Juliet had asked as I stared dumbstruck at the beautiful gown I had pulled out of a big, brown paper bag. It was a simple black dress, knee-length, which had stones around the neck and arms, making it sparkle with each movement.

“Like it? This is too much!” I said finding my voice.

“You hate it that much?” Juliet said, sounding sad.

I peeled my eyes off the dress to look at the worry on her face and quickly said, “No. No. I love it. It’s really beautiful. But it’s too much for me. Why are you this sweet?”

She gave a hearty laugh. “Because I have a Gift,” she said pointing at me. I smiled at her and looked at the dress again.

“Don’t you want to see the shoes you will wear with it?” she asked, gesturing at the paper bag. I dropped the dress on the bed and took out bright red block heels, which had a small opening that allow for toes to peek out a bit. I noticed there was still one more thing left so I pulled that out as well. It was a matching purse.

“You are just too much,” I breathed. I stood looking down at them and I began to wonder how I met such a human.

“Hey, hey, ” Juliet said, standing up from her cross-legged position on the bed to give me a hug. “Don’t cry on me now.”

“I’m not going to cry,” I said. “Thank you.”

The party was to start at 7pm. I watched as Juliet got ready. A makeup artist, who happened to be one of her ex-colleague at her former workplace, worked magic on her face and hair. They had chatted happily about a guy asking the makeup artist out. It was a nice tale that I paid half attention to. She had then done my makeup and hair too on Juliet’s request and I got into my clothes.

Guests had began to arrive as early as 6:30pm. By seven, the house was full. The groom to be and his friends came last and they made such an entrance.

To be continued…

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