Spirals 13


Episode Thirteen
The day of the party had began fairly well. My mom had tried to change my mind once more but she was interrupted mid-sentence by Juliet’s call. Juliet’s excited voice had even lifted up my spirits and made me more confident about my decision to attend her party.

After the call, seeing that her efforts are already defeated, my mom resorted to pray for me. She always prayed for me. Even the times when she thought I didn’t know about it, I knew. I knew of her sleepless nights, keeping vigils for me, praying fervently for my complete healing. I knew she resorted to prayers when she thought she didn’t know how else to help me and I loved her for that.

When she had finished her proclamations of good tidings, I left in the cab Juliet had sent to pick me up. She had not wanted anything to change my mind. I was actually amused by it all. Juliet was very sweet.

The party was to be held at one of her aunt’s place and nothing had prepared me for it’s magnificence. It was a big house that seemed like a hotel at first glance. It had up to five floors, it’s interior a mix of white, chocolate brown and cream. Juliet gave me a tour round the house when she wanted to show me the floor we would be using. A few friends and family were already at work in the preparations for the party by the time I arrived at 3:30pm. I met her sister and other family members. They were all nice to me. Each floor of the house had it’s own unique design and colours. It was breathtaking. Everything was wonderful.

Juliet treated me like a queen. I ate to my fill and talked with her. She was just bubbling with excitement. It was almost infectious.

When she took out the dress she had gotten for me, I was left speechless.

To be continued…


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