Spirals 10


Episode Ten

I turned away from him in haste, but I had seen the hurt in his eyes. As I hurriedly flagged down the first Okada I saw and hopped on it, I was asking myself why exactly I did what I did. Why was I so angry? Why did he have to buy me something? How would Juliet take it if she knew? Or did she already know? I doubted that she would have known. He had said that he bought it. For me, and likely without his fiancee’s knowledge. Such an expensive gift for that matter.

He had not called to me as I walked out on him. Probably didn’t want to embarrass himself since he had already seen how displeased I was. Why did he have to make me feel like I was a charity case or something?

I avoided my mom when I got back home, asking not to be disturbed as I had no appetite to eat and wanted to sleep. She left me alone. When Juliet called later that night, I didn’t bother to ask her anything at first. Why should I cause a problem between her and her fiancĂ©? I was also hesitant because we were friends and I didn’t want to strain our friendship this early. But it kept on bugging me.

“How’s the preparations going?” I asked, steering the conversation to another direction.

“Great, “Juliet said. “That reminds me. We are having a party this weekend to celebrate our union and impending marriage with friends and aquintances. I want you to be there, no excuses. You are even the first person I am inviting.” She giggled. “Kunle hasn’t even fully agreed yet and I am already inviting you. I know he will eventually.”

She rattled on for several minutes filling me in on all the preparations for the party, while all I could think of was being in the same place with Kunle and “him”, pretending all was well.

“Did you guys go back to the jewelry shop after that day?” I asked suddenly.

“No. Why would we? I already got what I wanted,” Juliet said, sounding surprised at the question.

It was as I feared. Why do men have to be so despicable?

To be continued…

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