Spiral 15


Episode Fifteen
The groom to be and his four friends strolled into the large living room at about 7:15pm. Kunle was at the fore, Mark at his right hand, the rest arranged into twos on either side of Kunle like escorts. They all wore matching black suits that shone in the bright room. Kunle wore a red shirt underneath his black jacket with a stripped red and black tie. The rest of his friends wore their preferred colours. Kunle’s choice of red must have been as a result of a decision between himself and Juliet, for she wore a shimmery red gown with thin straps.

Kunle definitely stood out, his wide grin adding more light to the room. Our eyes locked for a few seconds as he approached Juliet. I quickly averted my gaze while trying not to act uneasy.

“Hello beautiful,” he said, placing a kiss on Juliet’s lips. “My. You look stunning.”

“And you look amazing,”Juliet replied, giggling.

The guys took turns to kiss her on both cheeks in greeting. I just stood there like a statue, not making eye contact nor saying a word.

Mark proceeded to say hello to me once done with greeting Juliet. I only gave him a glare.

“Gift,” Juliet said, her tone questioning. I turned to look at her and she had a little frown. To make up for my attitude, I greeted the other guys I didn’t know as cheerfully as I could. I noticed everyone in our little group had eyes on me. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

“Please, excuse me,” I said, walking away to the kitchen. There must be something I could do to keep busy and away from Mark. And Kunle. I couldn’t explain why my heartbeat increases every time I look at him. Why is it that I just wanted to keep looking at him and have him smile down at me?

I didn’t want Juliet to get wind of it. She seemed like a very observant person and I didn’t want her thinking I am breaking her trust. She was so happy, with me, with Kunle. Why should I spoil that for her?

To be continued…


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