Spirals (episode 6)



Episode Six
I watched the screen of my phone, letting Juliet’s call ring off. My mother sat silently, watching me watch my phone ring for two more times.

“Isn’t that your new friend? The rich girl?” she asked.

I only nodded at her, then turned away from the phone to remove my shirt. I was getting hot.

“Won’t you answer it?”

I wanted to answer the call but I had not thought of what to tell Juliet was the reason for my attitude. Should I tell her the truth? She seemed very fond of her fiancĂ©’s friend. What if she confronted him with it?

I didn’t want that at all, but what would I tell her?

“No,” I replied. I stood up to pull down my faded jeans and folded it nearly, placing both it and the folded top on the head of my bed, beside my pillow. I then picked up a loose fitted dress and pulled it over my head.

“I’m sure she would want to know why you left quickly after the arrival of that man,” my mom said after a short pause. “I really just want to put that man in prison and have him castrated.”

After the incident, I had resorted to silence. I didn’t speak for days and the only sounds that escaped from my mouth were loud sobs or wailing. My mom had tried to find the rapists without my help. She had gone to the police station to report but had not been taken seriously by any of the officers on duty. They had questioned what I was wearing, why I was outside that late, who I had offended, if I had a bad attitude. My mother had been frustrated to say the least. They were no help at all. She had sworn never to go to any police station ever again.

I also wanted Mark castrated but for the time being, I busied myself with putting the clothes I had pulled off into my wardrobe and worrying about what to tell Juliet when I found the courage to answer her calls.

“I know you helped that girl and she is grateful and made you her friend, but be careful. These spoilt rich children are usually suspicious,” my mom said, standing to her feet.

To be continued…

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