Spirals 9



Episode Nine
I averted my eyes from his continuous smile. What exactly is wrong with me? I can’t develop feelings for a man who’s already taken, and by my friend for that matter. I cautioned myself before looking back up at him.

“Okay. That’s nice of you,”I said.

“I have something for you,” Kunle said. I thought I didn’t hear right.


His smile became a wide grin before he turned to open the back door of his car and began searching for something.

I looked around me. He had something for me? Me? Why?

He pulled out of the car and turned around to face me. In his hands was a little lilac coloured paper bag with a little red ribbon attached to the neck of one of the strings that served as it’s handle. I recognized the packaging.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“A gift for Gift,” he said casually. The grin was gone but his eyes still smiled, obviously trying not to laugh at his play of words. I could have smiled if I wasn’t so confused.


“Open it,” he said, handing it to me. I stared at him, puzzled, but curiosity got the best of me. I transferred the bag in one of my hands and took it from him. I looked it over.

“Here, let me help you.”

He took out a little box inside and opened it for me. I gasped. It was the beautiful Ruby pendant necklace I was fingering the day I met him at the jewelry shop with Juliet. I let my widened eyes gaze back up at him. The smile had returned.

“I saw how you looked at it and thought you needed to have it. So I got it for you,” he explained. His explanation still did not help my confusion.

“Why would you buy me anything? What do you want from me?” I was almost yelling. The smile disappeared from his face and it was his turn to be confused.

“Calm down. It’s a harmless gesture. I just -“

“You just what?” I said cutting him off. Why would he get me a present? What for? I was angry all of a sudden. I tossed the paper bag back at him.

“Don’t buy me anything. Stay with your fiancee!”

To be continued.

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