Episode One

I paused at the entrance of the store, taking in the magnificence of the place. The pure white glass showcases were filled with the most beautiful, sparkling jewels i had ever seen in my entire life. Everywhere was in white: the walls, the ceiling, and the counter. The tiled floor was a calm off-white with brown-coloured spiraling designs that added to the beauty of the store.

“What are you doing over there. Come quickly.”

Juliet was at the counter, a salesman waiting at the other side of the counter. I could not really hide my awe for the affluence around me but i did try not to drool all over the floor as i walked briskly to meet my friend. Juliet’s wedding was in a few weeks and she had surprisingly brought me to shop for her wedding jewelry. Surprisingly because I and Juliet had only been friends for a month.

“You would have to help me out,Gift,” she said, locking arms with me as i got to her side. “I usually come here with my mum but she’s busy with other arrangements and i don’t want to disturb her.” Her red-painted, full lips sucked in a pout that brought a smile to my face.

“You could have brought any of your friends,” I said.

“No,no. You are my friend now. I have more enemies pretending to be friends dear. Besides, I trust your judgement. You have proven to be a very good person.”

“Alright. I don’t really know your personal tastes,” I said to her, looking down at the array of jewels arranged neatly below the counter. “It need to match your wedding gown.”

“The wedding down is white. Anything would match it,” Juliet said, rolling her eyes.

“No, I mean it’s design. It need to match the gown’s design,” I replied, half laughing.

“Oh… Well, we haven’t picked a dress yet.” Her face revealed her anxiety. “And these jewels wouldn’t match the trad attire i have picked. Oh! I know,” she said, her face lighting up back. “I could pick something for the dress I’d wear for thanksgiving.”

“Great,” I said. “Can i see the design you have in mind?”

“Yeah.” She took out her phone from her black, leather purse and began scrolling through. I caught sight of the huge diamond on her finger. It spoke of how affluence was marrying affluence.

“Here,” she said. The style was a beautiful deep-cut, off shoulder design. “Same colour too,” she added.

“So, what kind of stone do you like? Emeralds? Diamonds? Rubies? Sapphires?” I asked.

“Rubies. Definitely rubies. I don’t like gold though. It’s ironic because my other name is Gold.” She gave a short laugh which i joined in.

We both then turned to the salesman who had been patiently waiting. “Please, can you show us some ruby pendants and earrings?”

I sucked in air as the salesman brought piece by stunning piece and laid it before us. It was all i could do to keep from pouring saliva everywhere in the name of drooling. Juliet’s phone rang and she excused herself to take the call.

I was still staring at the jewels, strockig a particular heart-shaped pendant when a got a sniff of a classy cologne. Then voice said, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I turned and looked up at the man that had spoken. I had seen a lot of handsome men in my life but this man beat them all hands down. He had perfectly arched brows, the pinkest of lips and a very stylist haircut that suited his face. My heart skipped a beat.

To be continued…

(Written by Funmi Jesse 2019)


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