Episode Three

For the next thirty minutes or so Juliet used in picking out her jewelry, I tried my best to act like I wasn’t next to a creep. He tried to kick-start a conversation with me but I acted like helping Juliet choose a piece was my life’s ambition, ignoring him totally.

Juliet settled for two amazing pendant, earrings and bracelet sets. She was super excited. When it was time to wrap them up and pay, I sucked in air when I heard the price. It was a little more than our yearly rent and with the way Juliet swiped her card, it was like she was only purchasing tissue paper. She and Kunle had a little argument as to who would pay the bills but Juliet had won, planting a huge kiss on his lips.

“Let’s get that late lunch,” Kunle announced once Juliet was handed her package.

“Alright,” Juliet said excitedly. “Gift, you’ll go in Mark’s car-“

“No!” I almost yelled. Everyone was confused, I could see that in their faces. I quickly cleared my throat and added, “I mean, I just remembered that I need to run an errand for my mom. Didn’t know time is far spent like this.”

“Oh, c’mon, Gift. Let’s just have something to eat quickly, “Juliet said. She held both my hands, pleading with her eyes.

“Sorry dear, I need to rush, “I said, making way for the entrance, then paused. I did not have a dime on me. Oh no.

I turned back around and whispered to Juliet of my predicament.

“I could drop you off,” Mark said all of a sudden. “If you don’t mind,” he added.

“I mind,” I said sharply, giving Juliet a look that said, ‘help me out, now’. She got the message and searched for a taxi for me using her phone, made the call and confirmed that the taxi was waiting outside.

“Thanks,” I said as we walked out of the shop. I smiled at Kunle and ignored Mark. Quickly, I got into the taxi and began to cry immediately the car started it’s journey to my house.

To be continued….

By Cecilia ogunduyile


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