Episode Two
“Yes it is,” I said quickly, looking away.

“My name is Kunle,” he said. I looked back up at him to see a big grin on his face.


Juliet was hurrying over to meet us, her makeup had obviously been touched up while she answered her phone, which was probably in the convenience somewhere. Her stilettos clicked loudly over the tiled floor as she sunk into Kunle’s outstretched arms. I was momentarily confused.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming, silly,” Juliet said happily.

Kunle’s smile broadened. “That would have spoiled the surprise, dear. When you told me you were jewelry shopping, I knew you would be here. I was in the area with Mark so I thought I should stop by and take you out for lunch.”

“Where’s Mark?”

“Parking the car.” He then looked over at me. “I was just making a friend over here.”

Juliet looked over at me. “Oh my! Look at my manners,” she said, pulling Kunle by the arm. I was feeling cold all of the sudden and I did not think it was due to the air conditioning of the shop.

“Gift, meet my fiance. Kunle. Kunle, this is Gift, the fried I told you about.”

My heart sank. All the good looking men are always taken. I scolded myself for almost falling for my new friend’s husband to be.

“Nice to meet you,” I managed to mutter. “You both look great together.” I regretted saying that immediately it came out.

Juliet flushed, her grin wide. She and Kunle exchanged a look.

“Yes, we do,” Kunle said. “So, have you ladies finished here? Let’s go have something to eat.”

“No, no. We were just checking out some.” Juliet glanced over at the pieces still seated on the counter. “I like this one,” Juliet said.

“Hey man. What took you so long?” Kunle said which made both Juliet and I to turn. It was as though I took a blow to my gut, knocking out all the air. The memory attached to the face came flooding into my mind with a huge torrent. The heat rose up to my cheeks as I kept on staring at the man.

“Mark!” Juliet said fondly.

“Hey, babe,” Mark said, taking Juliet’s hand and planting a kiss on top of it. He then nodded towards me. “I got a phone call, that’s why I delayed. Who’s the beauty here?”

My skin crawled. He stretched out his hand to me but all I felt like doing was getting a knife to cut it off.

To be continued…

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