How I Feel!


Today is one if those days we all feel we shouldn’t be existing. Going through up and downs in life but you still don’t know how you feel about life…. What would you change in your life presently if you were given an opportunity to change something? I would say everything happening in my life right now, because it’s all I wish I could make better. It’s why I am fighting so hard- just to make my future better.

I can’t be selfish and try to stop others from enjoying their lives. That’s wrong and not how I am. I do all this because I want my voice to be heard and issues resolved. But all I get are condemnation and sorrow.

I can never be sorry for wanting things to be different for me . I can never be appreciative to people who cause me so much pain and still act like all they do is for my own good. Things I do are not noticed or appreciated because it is coming from the one without manners.

I feel parents do not take their children as the most important to them and now things are going south. I have been broken and filled with hate, anger and bitterness long time ago. But I still live and cope without the help of my parents. It’s not so good

Listen and understand your children. Put them first and encourage them when they make a decision. Never make them feel unwanted. Because when they leave, they leave for good.

By Paula Nanya

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