I Am Strong But Still Need A Shoulder To Lean On.


For a long time, strength has been seen as the supernatural ability to be the ultimate superhero of your life. People believe your body size is equal to your strength. Juggling through life challenges; the good and the bad.

Bearing burdens and carrying responsibilities- without a single hair out of place. I smile everyday, show up for my friends, try to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Be a good girlfriend, daughter and wife. I am the home builder, house keeper and supportive friend. When I am not there things don’t go on well, its more like I am engine of their lives. But, what my friends and family may not realize is being the strong person is often mistaken as being the person who doesn’t need their support in return. That is absolutely untrue. Strong people needs more support then an average person.

Why? Strong people are being accustomed to be alone and do all the heavy lifting on their own.

They do this for so long and then realize that they also do need help. They are not superhero but simply human. And realizing that doesn’t make you less of a human or a failure. Giving up everything for people around you to be happy is honorable. But it is a lonely road to be on by yourself. To people who are going to read this, you should know that strong people do need a shoulder to lean on in return. Do not fail to let them know you appreciate everything that they have be doing. Should them that it is okay to need your help too. Make them know you are available and you understand how they feel. A simple I appreciate you, can go a long way. Just because your strong friend seems okay without being acknowledged, doesn’t mean they are okay inside. Do your part as a friend, parent or partner.

Being strong doesn’t mean they would never want you to call and ask, ‘hey, how are you doing? Just checking up on you. Let’s go out tomorrow’. And not you calling all the time wanting something from them.

A strong person could always use a friend that cares for them too. It shows the person that it is okay to not be strong all the time. Carrying the world’s burden on your shoulders is really heavy for just one person. Therefore, there would be time you will have to put it down for a while and take care of yourself. A strong person would need one friend as a reminder. Who would always be there to remind them that they matter too.

Be that friend!

By Paula Nanya.
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