Long-term decisions. (Commitments)


What is commitment ?

Commitment in a relationship is an interpersonal relationship based on a mutually agreed upon commitment to one another involving love, trust, honesty, openness, or some other behavior. Love is commitment, in fact they are the same. You can not talk about commitment without love. Commitment means being dedicated to a cause or a person. And it is not any kind of joke, it is very serious.

How to become committed?

Finding rhythm in a relationship is the biggest challenge for a couple. It is easy to fall in love and say I love you, but being committed is serious. It changes everything.

Let’s just look at five keypoints to becoming committed to someone you love.

1. Share all positive experience with your partner, that is a great commitment builder.

2. Go “All in” in thoughts, words and actions. Express your love and tell your partner that you care, in words and also do not forget that actions speaks louder than words- so show that you care. Let them know they are the most important person in your life.

3. Eliminate distractions and temptations.

4. We are always going to see things through our own experiences first. But what makes your relationship great and important is your willingness to understand your partner’s needs, wants and point of view. You have to throw your ego out the window and understand where that person is coming from.

5. What matters most is what makes the relationship stay strong. Focus more on those things that matters most to both of you.

What to ask yourself before committing?

Look out for these things before committing;

  • How well do i know my partner?
  • Can I trust them with my secrets?
  • How comfortable together you both are in quiet?
  • Do I know how this person will change me?
  • Am I attracted to their heart and character?
  • Does he/she appreciate me for who I am right now?
  • Does he/she strive to place my desires and needs first?
  • Are their dreams for the future compatible with yours?

Choose wisely! You are important and special. Don’t settle for less. Commitment is forever and should be mutual.

Thank you.


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