A story of Amanda


Episode 7

A month after the incident happened. I decided to get my own separate room from my husband. I couldn’t bear with the fact that I had turned to his punching bag. I couldn’t even tell my parents. I hadn’t even spoken to my mom in months, I decided that I needed to go pay them a visit- and also know if my brother had come home at all since I left.

I prepared breakfast that day but I didn’t want to eat. I felt weak immediately I got up from bed and nauseous afterwards. It felt like I had fever or something. Maybe I need to see a doctor after seeing my parents, I thought to myself.
I didn’t have to go to school as I had finished my exams and was on holiday.

I was done preparing the food so I called on Arinze to eat.

“Arinze. I would love to go see my parents today. I don’t have anything doing and it has been so long since I saw my mother or even heard from her,” I said to him.

“It’s fine Amanda. You know you don’t have to ask me for permission before going out. I am not my father,” he replied.

“I’m sorry if you felt like I was seeing you as your father but I just want you to be aware of my movement… okay?”

“It’s okay, do you want me to go with you?” He asked.

For some reason I said no because I really didn’t want him to bother and cancel all his appointments for me.

On my way, I stopped at the market to get some things for my mother and father. Then I continued on my journey. As I got home, I saw my brother outside cleaning a car. I parked my vehicle under a tree and rushed over to greet him.

“Amanda. Look at you. You have really changed o,” my brother said happily.

I didn’t know if I should be happy about that or not but I took it with a smile anyways.

“Brother, where is mummy and daddy?” I asked.

“They are inside watching tv.”

I ran inside immediately. I saw my mom sitting and laughing. I missed that. I rushed and jumped on her body and kissed her all over.

“Oh my God, it’s my baby. You didn’t tell me you were coming.” Mom said happily.

“Good afternoon mom. Good afternoon dad.” I greeted them both.

“My daughter you are welcomed. How’s your husband?” My father said.

He decided to spoil the mood with that question but I didn’t come to tell them about the monster or his house. I just came to see them.

“Fine sir.” I replied reluctantly.

I went out to bring in the things I bought for them. I presented them to my father and he thanked me. Same with my mom.

“How’s school?” Asked my mom.

“School is wonderful mom, I just finished the 1st semester.”

“Come on, let’s go to the kitchen.” My mom urged.

“Mom…. how’s everything?”

“Amanda my daughter, look at your eyes. They are so white… and your palms too,” she said.

“I don’t get mom.”

“Are you feeling weak and nauseous?”

“Yes mom.”

“Amanda, when last did you see your period?” She asked.

“Mother you are scaring me…” I said.

“Amanda. You are pregnant!”

To be continued.


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