My love


I had wished for someone like you all my life.

I thought I would never get one..
People condemned me for no reason,
It brought my spirit down.
I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

I was ready to let you go,
Since you weren’t looking my way.
What more can I do?
I prepared a portion to take,
Just to end it all.
And forget about you…

I promised I wasn’t gonna cry but..
My love for you was so strong.
I cried so much that I could feel the tears dry…
I love you to the moon and back.
But you didn’t care.

My love, my everything, my joy.
I put the portion on the table,
Getting ready for the end..

Then you came in…
You took my hand and led me to the garden.
Where we first met..
You lifted me up like a baby and….
You planted a kiss on my lips.
It felt so magical..
It was all I wanted..
Certainly how I had dreamt it would be.
Immediately the thoughts of ending it all vanished.

I was happy again!
I was in love..
Thank you for loving me…

Written by Paula Nanya.

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  1. Paula Nanya says:

    Thank you for the encouragements

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