A story of Amanda


Episode 1

I am a young girl from an average family. I have an elder brother. My mother is a trader and my father is a government worker. I had everything planned out and it was working out well. Until my father lost his job.

I was in SS3 at the Federal Government College in Abuja. I had dreamt of becoming a medical doctor and owning a hospital one day. I was the most focused child, my parents’ favorite. My brother wasn’t into the idea of going to school and because of that, my father was always hard on him. He was always getting into one trouble or the other. My father believed he was a lost course but my mother always had faith in her children. So, she got him a job at Ontisha, in order for him to be like his mates, hustling to become someone in future,

After some weeks, my brother left for Ontisha. That was the period I was preparing for my exams. I believed things were falling into place but then something was waiting for me…

I got back from school one day, As I opened the door, I meet my father with some visitors. I greeted them. 

“Good afternoon dad,” I greeted my father .

“Ehen ! My daughter how are you?” He replied.

“Good afternoon sirs,” I greeted his visitors. I left immediately and didn’t wait for a reply. Just as I was to shut the door, my father called me back.

“Amanda, when you are done inside, I would like to discuss with you.”

“Okay sir”. I replied. 

I was wondering what the discussion was going to be about. I thought of my brother. Ihope he isn’t in any trouble! I thought to myself. I went straight into my room, had my bath and went to the kitchen to join my mother to prepare dinner.

“Good afternoon, mother.”

“Oh! My doctor is back! How was your day my princess?”

“It was very stressful mom, we had a lot of class work to do and our teachers are really riding us hard. But I know it’s for the best. Apart from that,  my day was perfect.”

“Oh my baby, you have to be strong. You have the opportunity to education- I didn’t… so use it well. God will surely reward your effort,” she said.

“Thank you ma.”

Just then my dad called me for the talk.

“Amanda! Amanda, come to the living room immediately,” he said.

“Yes sir. Coming”.

I went immediately into the living room where he was waiting for me. “Amanda sit down and listen to me carefully. I am your father and I love you and want the best for you. The visitors you saw me with just now, are here to ask for your hand in marriage.”

“Father! What are you saying? Is this a joke?”I asked in disbelief.

“Shut up! When I am talking you don’t talk back. Your brother isn’t here to provide and I am not working… Your mother’s petty trade can’t sustain this family. I can’t work anymore. It’s just you we have now so you have to do this for us.”

“I have my exams coming up soon, I can’t marry now. I am just 16… What do I know about marriage? Father… please don’t do this,” I cried to him.

“Amanda, I have concluded with them and they are coming in four weeks to pay yourbride price and take you with them,” he said.

“Father, why are you doing this to me?” I asked him with tears running down my cheeks.

“If you talk back at me again… I would slap you one last time before giving you away! Nonsense,” he said, raising his voice .

My mother rushed out of the kitchen on hearing our discussion. 

“You lie Okoro. My husband, why are you trying to ruin the life of our only daughter? When did you become this man?” My mother spoke with bitterness.

“Woman, you have the guts to call me a liar? I am the head of this house and you can’t disrespect me like that.” My father picked up a stick  and chased us around the house.

To be continued…

Paula Nanya

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