Qualities men seek for in a woman.


In a society where Mr right and Mrs right has become the order of the day for commitment, what qualities do men seek for in a woman they want to marry?

We shouldn’t just be attracted to the physical appearance but go ahead and check other features that makes her the woman you want.

Today, I would be sharing with us some qualities our men looks out for in a woman they want to make their wife.

Qualities are:

An ambitious woman: 

For a woman to motivate a man to pursue his own goals…..even encourage and support him. She has to have her own as well. Every woman should have vision for their future.

A woman who is willing to put in effort for you:

I am all about transparency- giving your everything. We should be a team. When you are weak… I will be your strength and when you are sick, I be your nurse.

A woman with similar interest as you:

She loves what you love and hates what you hate. That my friend is the woman for you.

A loving and affectionate woman:

She lives to cuddle, hug and hold hands. She’s gentle and kind to you…. when you really need it.

A woman who is understanding:

She doesn’t pressure you into something you don’t want to do. She understands you are working hard for you both. She gives you the space to be with your friends or family.

Nevertheless, every man has a different list of his potential wife material but I know ryt what I have written would be in their list and so many others. Make corrections ladies… if you feel you aren’t doing something in this list and make him happy. Guys chose the right partner. It’s too long a life time to be unhappy.

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    Thank you so much. I am grateful that my post was helpful and that I impacting lives. Thanks for commentung. It helps me to want to do more and be a better blogger. Drop suggested topics for discussion if you don’t mind. Thanks once again!!

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    Thank you so much. I hope you have been able to figure out things for yourself. I am glad my blog was of help to you in time of need.

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