Qualities I seek for in a man…


In Africa, it’s our mentality that when a young girl is in her 20s, she should be thinking of marriage and starting a family. They (parents) don’t bother to put us through on what us should accept or look out for in a man.

Many do not know what they want- so they just go ahead because it’s what the society wants and demands of them. Young ladies, we should seek for long-term commitment. Yearn for a deep loving connection- don’t settle for less. So therefore, every man should be interested and know what qualities women are looking for in a man.

Here are some of the qualities I seek for in my man;

  • I want a man who knows how to manage his finances. Like the saying goes, a mature woman isn’t looking for a sugar daddy. Her man doesn’t have to be the richest man in the world, but he does have money to manage. That means he is thinking of the present and the future. He doesn’t try to measure up to his friends or spend more than he earns. She wants a man who knows when to give out to the right channel (charities).
  • i want a man who cares about what I have to say. Who takes my opinion as important as his life or work. He doesn’t pay more attention to his phone or TV while I am talking to him. He listens and pays attention to every detail even when it’s stupid.
  • I want a man who respects my appearance, my opinion- even when he disagrees but he still gives me full respect. He doesn’t make fun of me in front of strangers.
  • i love a man who is fun to be with, whether we’re out together or just hanging out at home. We enjoy each other’s company, even when there is nothing to do. He is adventurous and loves to try new things.
  • i want a man who tells the truth about who he is and what he wants in a relationship. A man willing to talk things out, especially when there is a disagreement. He doesn’t go defensive or walks away or blame me for the issue.
  • i love a man who is close to God and passionate about the things of God. He is prayerful and makes it a necessity to pray together as a family.
  • I need a man who is open to learning new things. He loves reading and is interested in impacting knowledge to others.

These are the things I would look out for in a man I would want to marry. Don’t rush into something that you would regret. Think things through and seek God’s direction.

Thank you for reading!

Paula Nanya


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