Let it go!


You know how everyday of our lives, we ask ourselves some essential questions- waiting patiently for an answer to come but dears it doesn’t come. At that moment you wish to talk to someone about it but it seems that everyone is busy facing their own issues.

Have you ever desired something and you don’t get it- you settle for something else and then that one thing that seemed difficult to get comes back to you. At that point what do you do? How do you handle the situation? Do you deny yourself of your desire? Or do you go after it?

I thought wanting something else your partner can’t give you was cheating but it’s lust. I believed it could be controlled because of how you actually feel about your partner but it is a strong feeling and only a strong method can be used to control it. It’s bad and horrible- you feel like your can’t help it, like your entire life depends on it. It’s like your mind has been shut down and you don’t have any power of your own till you accomplish your desire.


  1. Avoid temptation. Don’t even read or talk about anything which can toggle lustful thoughts.
  2. Keep yourself busy. Cultivate new hobbies.
  3. Practice mediation or yoga regularly for inner peace.
  4. Know when to say NO!
  5. Exercise often.
  6. Be around other people when your crush is around.

Lusting over something or someone can bring about a lot of pain. It can destroy lives and break homes. If you had someone you once liked and the person was unavailable then and later became available- don’t be so quick to jump on the offer. Teach yourself self control. Don’t be unfair to your partner or yourself.

Thank you.

Paula Nanya


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