Take and give!


Something has been bothering me…. Like all my life I have never experienced it but it came to my doorstep recently. I want to know when are we gonna change? Our men and women, they have to change the theory of take and give.

A few days ago, I was coming back from the market. A man stopped me, at first I thought he wanted to ask for directions or something. So I stopped and he said his friend just talked about my beauty and he decided to stop me- so he could get my number. I didn’t mind because I don’t know who my benefactor is or where he or she would be coming from, so i gave him and left.

Two days later he called me. we were talking normally…. in fact he said he wants to be my friend and I should call him if I need any help… Hmmm! I asked myself- could he be my benefactor? Later that day I found out he was married and older… like way older and how I felt about talking to him changed. So I decided to give a little space from the whole thing and made up my mind on what I wanted.

One faithful day, he called me sounding very sad. So I decided to ask why and he told me his wife is giving him issues-that as he is talking to me he wasn’t in his house, that i should come to a particular place to come meet him. But I was more interested in what happened and trying to get the story from him but he refused to tell me till I come to the place he was. I didn’t go. He was so angry and didn’t speak to me for two days. After the two days passed he called me-telling me he liked me and wanted to be more than a friend but my dears I don’t do married man and I have conscience…..i couldn’t have done something like that. I was confused about the whole thing and I didn’t know what to do like I didn’t want to come out so hard and be like stay away from me, don’t talk to me, I didn’t want to be the one to break the communication. So I didn’t say anything. Unfortunately for me I had an issue- I was going out one day and I lost my money and the money wasn’t for me- it was from my cousin who had sent me on an errand to the market. So I had to call him since he said I could call him anytime I needed his help. I told him about the incident and how my bag was torn and the money was taken from me… he promised to help that I should tell my cousin that the money will be sent in like some few days and all that I did. Then 2 days into the few days he said he was going to give me the money he called me again- that what is my conclusion on the request he made and he wants to be sure that I want him for him and not because he can do stuffs for me. He talked about some girl like that was using him for just his money and she went away and she got married to someone or wherever he was saying. I was so pissed at myself… that I was so stupid enough to think that they were good people in the world. He said he doesn’t want to spend his money on someone who is not going to be with him and I thought to myself, this guy is married which kids do you think he is going to marry you? what else is it looking for if not sex! so I told myself give him a reply and I said no. I blocked him off whatsapp and that was how we stop talking.

 My conclusion is you can not get anybody to do anything for you in Nigeria or anywhere in the world without giving the person something in return. God gave us a lot of things but we don’t give him anything in return but yet he still gives us. He keeps us alive, he gives us good health, he protects us but what do we give him? We give him sins, give he lies, we give him betrayals and we give him corruption. You see a young lady like me and then you feel you can just use me as your sex mate forgetting that you also have children and your children will come out to be beautiful, handsome and attractive to other people and they will use them, they will take advantage of them. We should wise up, we should learn new things. We should be above our thoughts, we should know that the world is revolving and things should be changing as it is, because every day a new child is born it should be the way we grow everyday.

Thank you very much for reading.

Paula Nanya.


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