My Dream Man Broke Me. A short story..


I can’t understand what is happening. I woke up with one thought in my head. I have been dreaming of some guy I have never seen before. For two years now. I saw him again but this time it felt real. I checked the time, it was 7:05am…. Shit! I am going to be late to work. I quickly dashed to the bathroom and cleaned up- had a little breakfast…. rushed out to meet up with the staff bus.

But as soon as I got to the bus-stop, the bus drove off. Omg! Wait up! I shouted but the bus didn’t stop. What do I do now? I am going to be late. I walked down a little to see if I could get a bike…. just then a vehicle stopped beside me- I continued walking. A deep voiced man spoke to me as the glass was wined down. I was in his late twenties. I looked at him and I felt a rush in my body… he looked like someone I had met before but I couldn’t remember.

He asked where I was going to… I was so much in my head to even realize that he was talking to me. I stood there speechless.

‘Hey girl! I am still here… where are you heading to?”

“So sorry…. I was trying to remember where I know you from. Well, I am heading to ikeja”.

Oh! Fine…. you are so lucky! I am going there. Hope you don’t mind joining me?”

“Oh really! Thank you… I’m so late to work.”

I entered the car, it was a long quite ride and I wasn’t ready to talk a he was so focused on his driving. I got to the office. Thanked him for the lift and he drove off. I was so lucky the manager had not resumed for work.

It was 4:30pm and I began to prepare to go home. Just as I came out of the office- waiting for a bike…. a car parked in front of me. I looked inside… it was the guy from this morning.

“Are you ready to go?”

“I don’t understand. What are you doing here?”

“I came so we could go home together.”

“I don’t think that is necessary, I am not going home straight. Thank you for the offer.” I left immediately not wanting him to ask me again.

“Hey! Can I at least know your name?”

“My name is karsi.”

“Nice name. I’m David.”

“Thanks. Nice to meet you”

“Can I get your number?”

“Just give me yours and I would give you a call when I am home.”


I got home at 7pm. I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy.. he looked so familiar. I knew him from somewhere but I couldn’t remember. After I had eaten and cleaned up for the night I went to bed. As I closed my eyes and I had the dream again. It was him again. So tall and handsome. He was so sweet with me. His smile was divine and priceless. Just then I saw his face clearly…that is David! I woke up immediately… it’s him.

I have been dreaming about him and now he is here in reality. I couldn’t understand what was happening. It was like a fairytale. It was 5am already… I got up n prepared for work… I have to meet up with the staff bus.

Work was so slow and I couldn’t focus… I kept asking myself what was happening. I have been dreaming of him for two years. Just as work closed- I came out to get a bike and there he was standing beside his car, like he has been waiting for me.

“Hi karsi, how was your day? You didn’t call like you promised yesterday.”

“Hi David, what are you doing here? And I never promised to call you.”

“Wow! Really?! Well I came to pick you up- so we could hang out before we go home.”

This was the guy from my dreams and I was in love with him and now he is right here with me and I don’t know what to do or say. If I tell him it would’ve so weird, and he would think I am a freak! I agreed to the hang out. I got into the car.

We had a long talk. It felt like my dream. He was kind and loving. It was everything I dreamt of…. he was saying and doing the right things. I felt so special and I couldn’t still believe my dreams came true. After we went to my place and we had dinner… then he left. It was so easy to be with him, since I have known him in my dreams for two years. He was nice and gentle to me.

We would talk every time about anything atal. He was sweet. We spent the whole weekend together and it felt like we had know each other for years.

It was six months already. We became very close. One day he called and asked that I should meet him at a eatery. I got to eatery and there he was so handsome.

“Hi David. You look nice.”

“Thanks babe. You look gorgeous yourself.”

“So what are we doing here?”

“I just needed a nice place To spend time with and ask you for something very important.”

“Oh! What is that?”

“You know we have know each other for some months now and I just want to as would you be my girlfriend?”

“David, yes… I would love to.”

I was so happy I couldn’t believe it. He was everything I wanted.

It was exactly a year and six months. The relationship was going on well. Then suddenly, he changed. He was keeping things from me. He was now a completely different person. We started fighting a lot about little things. I would ask him sometimes what was wrong or going on with him but he would ignore or avoid the topic. He was distant. I needed help. What would I do. I spoke to my best friend about the change of attitude and she said maybe he had someone else. I didn’t want to agree with that because he loves me and I love him too. He is the love of my life. Why would he do that to us?

He came over one evening for a sleep over. We were talking and his phone rang…. he picked it up. I could hear the person telling him congratulations but I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation. I didn’t want to say something I wasn’t sure of… so I asked if he had anything to tell me. I was hoping he would talk but he said there was nothing. So I dropped it. Didn’t want to spoil our good time. Later at night, we went the bed…. I couldn’t sleep as the call kept replaying in my head. I couldn’t comprehend. But I had a strong feeling that there was more to it. J was so cold. Just as I finally felt sleepy…. David woke up and held me. He was touching me in places he had never tried to before. I was so scared.

David a man I had loved for four years and who hadn’t seen my nakedness…. a man who never pressurized me into having sex was right there forcing himself on me.

“Aren’t you my girlfriend? Why can’t I have my way with you?”

“Why are you doing this James? I made a vow to not have sex till we are married.”

“Don’t understand you karsi….. I have the right to have you. And tonight I must have you.”

I screamed and screamed- I even begged him. I couldnt recognize him again. It was like something else entered him. He had his way with me. He raped me. He felt good with his action…. he left my place that night.

I woke up the next morning with a letter beside my bed stand and a bundle of hundred thousand naira.

Dear Karsi,

I’m sorry I had to leave like this but we are not right for each other. In fact, I am having my white wedding in two weeks time. Don not bother calling or coming to my house. It was nice knowing you and the right man for you is coming. Have a nice life.

Bye. David.

This must be a dream…. No! This can’t be happening. What is this David? What did I ever do to you? God… why?

I had to pick myself up and continue living.

A month after David left me. I was still trying to manage myself and forget the past. I found out my period was late! I had to get to the hospital immediately. I got to the hospital ran the test…. I was asked to wait for 10 minutes.

It was 10 minutes after and it was confirmed…. I was pregnant for a man who didn’t want me. I called my friend and told her what had happened….she advised me to keep the baby.

Today my son is a year old and he is my happiness. I heard David’s wife left him for an ex from her university days… I am getting married in 2 months and I didn’t think David has the rights to know about his son…. I don’t want to remind myself of the pains he caused me.

Never mix your dreams with reality. Not everyone would have a fairytale.

Thank you.

Paula Nanya.


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