Appreciate yourself!


What is self-appreciation?

Self appreciation is the process of appreciating yourself. Appreciating yourself is being grateful for your form. You can be:

  • Thankful that your body is functioning well.
  • Grateful that you are given talents and gifts.
  • Grateful that you are alive.

Based on research, it has been brought to our knowledge that people mistake self-appreciation as self-esteem or self-confidence. But they are not even close to being the same. Being self-appreciative is not the same as being egoistic.

In other words, self-esteem is a personal evaluation of ones worth. It is a judgment. Esteem is defined as respect and admiration. Self-appreciation doesn’t ask questions about good or bad. Rather it’s being grateful for either your good or bad, your strength or weakness. It’s self-compassion.

In addition, you don’t need to wait for someone to appreciate you when you haven’t appreciated your existence first. Self-appreciation is about being kind of yourself. It’s not arrogant or egoistic.

We are all of different shapes and sizes. People who are appreciative of themselves, would treat their body with kindness, love and respect- and make the vest use of what they are given.

On the other hand, people who are driven by their ego would judge their body as either beautiful or ugly. If their body isn’t the same as their self image, they would shape it into perfection- and there’s nothing wrong with hsveibg a better- looking form. But when you are self- appreciative, you don’t judge the form you are given. You are just grateful that your body is still functioning- grateful to be able to breathe and that your heart is pumping blood to your whole body. It’s your ego that makes you want to look better( then low self-esteem comes into play).

Don’t wait for other people to appreciate you. You are a father, mother or teacher, you don’t have to wait for others or a special day to acknowledge your efforts. Appreciate yourself first.

Furthermore, we are still waiting for someone to let us know we are good enough or not. We let them determine our happiness and worth. After waiting long then appreciation doesn’t come because they don’t see the time and effort you have been putting into things.

What if no one appreciates what you have done?

Does it mean that what you have don’t is worthless?

Are you gonna blame them?

Have it at the back of your mind that- when you self appreciate, others would most likely appreciate people who appreciates themselves.

How To Appreciate Yourself

  1. Don’t wait for others to appreciate you and you don’t wait till you achieve something great before you appreciate yourself. You can appreciate your body, parts of your body or your inner organs. Mention them one after the other and be thankful for their roles.
  2. Use kind words on yourself, even when you forget to do something- don’t scold yourself. Appreciate the other times when you did the right things. Don’t use harsh or abusive words on yourself. Use those appreciative words you use on others on yourself. You deserve it.
  3. Write down other times that you have been grateful as a reminder to appreciate yourself.
  4. Give yourself a gift. There is a big difference between getting yourself a gift and giving yourself one. You give because you want to give thanks to yourself not because you desire that thing(that’s getting yourself a gift).
  5. Be yourself. No need to hide from others or be someone that you are not to please them. You should be appreciative and grateful for all that you are given. Having weakness shouldn’t be a big deal. Just accept yourself for who you are.

Therefore,appreciating others only happens when you appreciate yourself. Help others by putting yourself first. Touch lives!!

Thank you for reading!

Paula Nanya.

4 thoughts on “Appreciate yourself!”

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  2. It is very unlikely to “make” others happy, in nevertheless.
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  3. Akube says:

    Am so proud of you!

    1. Paula Nanya says:

      Thank you so much… you say that like you know me personally.

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